We create a new perspective

We create a new perspective

We realise leadership, organisational and social transformation

It is time for a change. It is time to start working on a basis of trust and shared responsibility. It is time to get your people re-engaged. It is time for new leadership and a paradigm shift. A shift towards a new perspective on organisations: how they work, how they define success, how they are structured. How leadership seeks to evolve and how to be agile and respond to an ever changing world.
This change starts from within, based on the organisation’s collective intuition and shared purpose.

SHARE360 works with you, on the floor, with your people. We help you to reflect, co-create a new perspective and initiate the change. We are entrepreneurs and innovators, not consultants or interim managers.

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Do you feel you are stuck? We offer a new perspective

You manage a people company in a competitive market where rates are under pressure and costs are going up. After mutiple cost reduction excersises and restructurings, your toolbox for further costreductions is empty. The people are not engaged, under pressure or cautious. At the same time innovation is slow and it takes a long time to create new growth opportunities. However, you feel that there is a tremendous potential in your organisation that is still unlocked.

We are inspired by the work of Frederic Laloux and the research he shared in his book Reinventing Organisations. Like Laloux, we believe that with a new perspective it is possible to fundamentally transform your company. By executing this change from within and with the current people, you can unlock the untapped potential in the organisation.

We understand your position from our own experience

We know what it means to run a large complex organisation, we know what it takes to transform an organisation and be responsible for the result, we know the personal challenges you face and the change one has to go through. We have experienced the dilemma’s, the journey and the resistance during this journey. And last but not least, we know that with all these changes the running business must go on.

With this experience over the past 30 years, we have come to understand that the command and control hierarchy of most organisations is no longer effective enough. Only a new perspective will enable organisations to fundamentally change their way of working. We are intrinsically motivated to help organisations in this transformation to become a soulful organisation with engaged people.

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Leadership will have to evolve

With gaining a new perspective, leadership will also evolve. The new leader will share power, lead by example, creates a safe environment, values people, acts on trust and stimulates creativity. He listens and reflects and shares his vision to inspire others.

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